Woman modeling a thong swimsuit bottoms

You Can’t Go Thong With Our Best-Selling Thong Swimsuit Bottoms

When it comes to beachwear, you need a bikini that suits you so you can feel comfortable wearing it out in the radiant sun. Myra Swim offers an extensive range of thong swimsuit bottoms for your pleasure. The founder aimed to create sexy swimwear with the nostalgia of the 90’s and the minimalism of modern times, giving us an interesting blend. They have different styles, shapes, and fits to suit any kind of woman, depending on your personal preference. In this article, we have listed the best-selling products in our thong swimsuit bottoms at Myra Swim.

Here are some of the most cherished items in the thong swimsuit bottoms section


The Cindy thong swimsuit bottoms in brown are slim fitting and oozes sex appeal. Inspired by 80’s and 90’s beachwear, this swimwear has medium coverage, a low to mid-center front ride, and can wear on the hip or higher. These thong swimsuit bottoms are in the shade of chocolate brown, paying homage to the 90’s grunge look.


The Finn thong swimsuit bottoms have a long detail side tie making them adjustable based on your size. If you want modest coverage in the front and party in the back, this is the best garment for you. These bottoms go in shades of yellow, black, brown, and tan, giving you options based on your personal preference.


The Ivana thong swimsuit bottoms are the low-mid-rise Brazilian style. This style can be worn above or just on the hip. It is suggested to pair this item with The Ford Top. Its super soft nylon and spandex blend makes it super seamless and comfy to wear.


Hana thong swimsuit bottoms are minimal coverage with tie sides on both hips. Due to its V triangle coverage in the back, this makes it perfect for tanning. Its tie sides can be adjustable to be worn on the hip as you like it. This item is typically paired with The Vera Top. With its hardware-free material and seamless finish, this is a stunning look to take to the beach. It is ultra-soft spandex and nylon blend make sure that you are feeling comfortable.


The Hugo thong swimsuit bottoms are flattering on your curves showing off your hourglass figure. With its thick waistband, high leg cut, and high waist, this accentuates your shape, making you look sexy. These bottoms perfectly highlight your waist and leg, showing full coverage can be alluring. This is typically paired with the Veneta top.


The Jocelyn thong swimsuit bottoms are the perfect Brazilian garments. This beachwear is perfect to tan as it has an adjustable drawstring on both sides to suit all different sizes and shapes. These items came in grey, brown, yellow, black, giving you different shades to choose from based on your personal preference. You can make the look mid-rise or high-rise, as well as the amount of coverage in the front and back. These bottoms are recommended to pair with The Sofia Top.

There is an abundance of options to choose from in our thong swimsuit bottoms range at Myra Swim. You can feel like the beach babe you are as you take these garments out for a spin. They offer different shades, styles, and shapes to fit your frame. With their high-waisted, minimal coverage, and soft material, you can feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. Pair these with a bikini top, and you will have a perfect look to catch a wave in. You’ll look like a sea goddess by donning on a swimsuit at Myra Swim.

About the author: Judith Burke