Woman smoking in glass water pipes

Why Smokers Have a Preference for Glass Water Pipes

Tapping into glass water pipes will deliver the goods for tobacco smokers. Other designers who opt for plastics, ceramics, woods and metals will have a different opinion on this topic, but it is clear that glass holds a very distinct advantage.

It is easy to be swayed by the aesthetics and the style. With this being said, there are plenty of other advantages that are in play for adults that want to safely consume their tobacco while enjoying the complete smoking experience.

We will open up a discussion about the merits of glass water pipes and detail why they are the go-to choice for shoppers who want quality and long-term value all in the one package.

Customised Styles

Take a quick glance at glass water pipes and users will be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of style variety that is on display. The simple structures that have the tube and base will be generic and easily accessible, but there will be outlets that sell everything from the weird to the expressive and outright spectacular, using pipes that were inspired by cultural innovators domestically and overseas. The key for members is to find something that draws the eye and really appeals because the intent is to purchase something that will last the distance.

Customised Sizes

Tobacco smokers will come across glass water pipes with a myriad of sizes. This is where shoppers need to stop and reflect on their personal journey, their comfort level and their experience smoking. Young customers who are within that 18-21 age bracket are advised to start small, getting them accustomed to the activity and consuming the contents in a safe environment. When others become comfortable with the routine and have lungs that have adapted to smoking, they can examine the larger pipe brands for a stronger hit.

Easy Cleaning Procedure

Thankfully individuals who use glass water pipes don’t have to play guessing games over the safety and cleanliness of their assets. In this case, users have complete transparency over any residue that is left inside the product. This facilitates a superior cleaning process as it is applied with wash and wipes before the next tobacco session.

Glass Thickness Protection

One of the potential downsides that some smokers might consider with glass water pipes is the issue of fragility. Why opt for something that could crack and break when there are alternatives via ceramics, plastics, metals and more? The good news is that these brands are crafted with various thickness levels, assisting constituents who want that extra layer of protection. Suppliers will offer members a chance to invest in 3mm glass all the way up to 9mm designs, ensuring that customers have extra strength where required.

Living The Complete Smoking Experience

When users operate with metals, woods and ceramics for their pipe use, they don’t get to see the percolation process at work. For clients who adapt glass water pipes, they see the lighting, the water filtering and the chambers all process through the smoke. It is the complete smoking experience for tobacco users who love the science and dynamics with the pastime as much as the consumption itself.

Wide Product Availability

Dispensaries at metro, suburban and rural areas of the country will always have glass brands on hand. While other materials might have to be imported and left on a waiting list, glass goods are often top of the agenda for highest sales volumes. This is good news for men and women that don’t want to be left waiting for a new cylinder profile, giving them the chance to buy a new item in-store or online depending on the policy of the provider.

About the author: Judith Burke