Baby in her room with TY beanie boos

Some Reasons To Buy And Use A TY Beanie Boo

A TY beanie boo is a versatile and cute little toy that is becoming increasingly popular amongst the kids and the surprising crowd of teenagers too.
It offers the playfulness and functionality as a kid’s toy and will keep them entertained for days on end, especially in combination with more than one.
It also offers other functions such as for decoration of kids’ rooms, decoration for articles of clothing such as hanging off bags as well as a decoration for the interior of cars for those looking to spice up the inside of their car (make it cuter!). Furthermore, kids love to collect things, and TY beanie boos collections are no exception. If you are looking for a toy as a cute little gift for a kid, or maybe you are looking to maybe add some cute decoration for the interior of your car or your kid’s room, a TY beanie boo can come in handy.

Here are some reasons to buy and use a TY beanie boo.


They are adorable and versatile in their design

A TY beanie boo has a very versatile design that ranges from different animals that your kids may love. If your kid has a favorite animal, then it is likely they have a character in stock of that animal or will have one soon.
They currently feature cats, bats, unicorns, teddy bears, dogs, giraffes, foxes, and alpacas. Furthermore, they come in different designs and colour schemes with most of them having some form of shiny metallic colour all over them.
This will appeal to the kids due to the bright colours, and moreover, they also cater to seasonal holidays with Christmas and Halloween toys available.
Perfect for a gift! The different designs of a TY beanie boo will allow your kid to build a collection too, as there are so many available that it will take a while to collect them all.
This is sure to keep them busy and the purchase of one can be used as a reward for good deeds, so as the kid will follow your rules and behave well.


They can be used for decoration

A TY beanie boo can be used as a decoration for many different types of settings. One of these is a kid’s room, where a TY beanie boo could be placed on a table, such as a bedside table, or a shelf in order to decorate the room.
Due to their bright colour scheme, they are often a good way to lighten up a room and can make a dull environment stand out a bit more. This is why they are perfect for settings such as kid’s rooms as they fit in well as decor for their environment. They can also be used in other environments such as the interior of a car. A TY beanie boo can sit on the dashboard of a car and look cute, or even be hung around a rearview mirror. In addition to this, they can be used to distract kids in the back of the car and keep them busy, rather than having them distract you while you are driving which can lead to dangerous conditions.


In summary, the TY beanie boo is a perfect toy for kids due to their functionality and versatile design. They look pretty and cute and will spark up any kid’s life and keep them distracted if need be. They also serve well as being collector’s items. Moreover, they are able to be used as decoration for a kid’s room to spice up the set with a pop of colour, and look great inside cars on dashboards and around rearview mirrors. The TY beanie boo is a worthwhile investment.


About the author: Judith Burke