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Money Saver Tips When Designing Save The Date Cards

Couples can end up spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars investing in save the date cards.

These little gems serve a singular purpose – informing recipients about the upcoming date of the nuptials.

Especially for those who leave the entire project to a local printing company, these outlets will offer glossy features and beautiful designs without placing any barriers on price.

To save that cash in the back pocket for the wedding itself among other key expenses, follow these tips first.


1) Confirm & Reconfirm the Guest List

One of the key costs that can slightly spiral out of control with save the date cards is the need to send new stock once the original collection has been dispatched. Couples have to go back to their computer or to the printer and create new copies for the sake of informing their updated guest list. This is where it is essential for participants to confirm and reconfirm precisely who is invited to the ceremony months in advance. If there are any friends or family members returning from overseas or who could be on the fence regarding their availability, it is best to include them in the project and send the items all in one go.


2) Use Free Template Designs

Why spend dozens of hours trying to craft the perfect backdrop and font with save the date cards when there are great designs already available? To really save money on this project it is beneficial to have the starting point established with free digital template websites. These items can be light, creative and even funny if that is the decision of the couple. The need for elegance and formality is not necessarily evident in this respect, but participants can opt for traditional or contemporary styles that are in line with their personal taste.


3) Essential Information Only

Given the fact that there is a distinction between save the date cards and wedding invitations, there is no excuse to go overboard with these items. Forget about accommodation jargon, RSVP details or going overboard on the logistics. Simply state the name of the couple and the official date of the ceremony. Sticking to these principles will help to optimise the space, helping the designers to lower the cost of production and manage the whole affair with efficiency.


4) Basic Card Material & Envelopes

So much of the cost that is involved with save the date cards can be traced back to the source material. Post offices, news agencies and online sellers will provide clients with recycled options and budget-friendly stock to ensure that costs are well managed. If the customer is pressured into purchasing fine art paper, newsprint brands or paperboard outlets, then the final bill will reflect that level of investment. Stay true to the basics in this respect because the product will be a placeholder for the actual invitations.


5) Be Time Savvy

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The common expectation is that save the date cards are received by the guest list anywhere between 4-6 months prior to the ceremony. The invitations are expected between the 6-8 week mark before the wedding. Although that can feel like a lifetime, this time can accrue quickly and before the couple knows it, there is suddenly a degree of pressure to send the stock out on schedule. To avoid a rush with express postage, it is worthwhile planning ahead of having the goods ready to go within that 4-6 month window.


Being financially savvy with save the date cards is all about applying common sense. Appreciate that there are bigger investments to make down the road and have fun creating something beautiful and authentic.


About the author: Judith Burke