Family lawyer in Sydney assisting a couple of their legal separation

How Important is The First Consultation With Family Lawyers in Sydney?


Whether it is in a face-to-face environment, over the phone or through teleconferencing appointments, that opening consultation with family lawyers in Sydney is an incredibly valuable resource.

As a spouse struggles to manage this issue and build towards a better future for themselves and their family, having the opportunity to speak with a specialist will empower constituents to take control and find real solutions.

There will always be plenty of work that lies ahead from that opening hour or so, but it is the first step in a journey that should produce a sound outcome.


Having Someone to Talk to

Family lawyers in Sydney operate in a confidential private space where local constituents can talk about anything and everything. Nothing that is mentioned during these discussions can be used against the client, so they are free to express themselves and open up on their emotional state, the financial toll that has been experienced and any other issues or concerns they may have regarding the separation. That first appointment allows women and men to be transparent and to interact with a representative who will offer support and guidance.


Establishing the Facts

The main purpose of having an opening consultation with family lawyers in Sydney is to allow them to receive all of the prescient information that is front and centre of the case. From the duration of the relationship to the nature of the separation, the financial accounts involved, the business dealings, the ownership of property, the inclusion of children to any other details or interests that would be pertinent to the case.


Minimising Future Damage

In order for family lawyers to improve the chances of success at the conclusion of the case, they need to alter the behaviour of the client in the impending period. This will give them the chance to recommend who they should speak to, who they should not speak to, what they should and should not sign as well as other practices that will improve their chances legally speaking. A lot of damage can be made for participants when family lawyers in Sydney don’t offer this guidance in-between appointments.


Understanding The Legal Parameters

The opening consultation that is enjoyed between lawyers in this field and their clientele is important for the individual to ascertain what is involved in the case and where the professional is needed to intervene. There are preconceptions and assumptions made about the exercise from those who are looking at the subject from the outside, but it is only through direct appointments where men and women begin to gauge how they go about their work and what they need to reach a successful outcome.


Creating a Legal Blueprint

Even at the earliest stages of the discussions that are scheduled to take place between family lawyers in Sydney and their constituents, they will be developing a legal blueprint based on that initial information. From parenting arrangements to receiving maximum returns for a financial settlement, ongoing remuneration with stocks and business interests to items of sentimental value, these parameters need to be pieced together.


Signing Onto an Agreeable Financial Package

The benefit of engaging family lawyers in Sydney for an opening consultation is that many firms will offer this service for $0 for an opening figure. The activity of giving legal counsel and helping community members is the objective for these institutions, but for ongoing representation they will be transparent about their quotes and their financial policies. From an hourly rate to a flat working fee, a price determined by a separation settlement to operating on a retainer agreement, these opening talks are an opportunity to establish what will work for the budget of the client.


About the author: Judith Burke