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How Do Tobacco Smokers Buy Bongs That They Trust?

Being able to buy bongs that truly deliver a great tobacco hit with each session is the objective for many customers. While experienced consumers know precisely what they are looking for, how do others buy bongs that tick these boxes? 

Try Before They Buy 

The idea of trust is very subjective when it comes to how smokers buy bongs that they love and come back to. The fact remains that many participants and adults of all backgrounds will develop a preference for an item if they have tried it before. Once they know the mouthpiece and how it fits and how user-friendly the item is to hold, then they will often develop a kinship with that brand. This is not something that is afforded to most outlets with a ‘try before you buy’ policy, but if there are friends or family who have a design to try, why not take advantage? 

Track Unique Format Options 

How do tobacco enthusiasts make sense of the need to buy bongs when they are not exactly sure about what shapes and models make for a good experience? From the percolators to the beakers, the single chamber to the multi-chamber and the straight tubes to the bubblers, they are not made for a one-size-fits-all purpose. Each item is geared for a specific type of tobacco use and to deliver a certain level of hit to the lungs, so participants have to be calculating about what they introduce. 

Develop a Preference For a Material 

Tobacco smokers who are strategic about the type of bong that they purchase will often focus on the properties that are on show with the material. This will apply to glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, synthetics and a range of other types that are applied in these circumstances. Are they comfortable to hold? Are they easy to clean? Is this a means of delivering a clean hit through the chamber, or something more creative and expressive? It really is a subjective domain, but most customers will have a preference based on their own priorities. 

Arrive With a Price in Mind 

The search to buy bongs will present smokers with a wide array of price lists. From the incredibly cheap materials to the deluxe models and everything in between, members should arrive at these outlets with an expected price bracket in mind. Although the price tag does not always constitute exactly value for money, it is a good indicator for consistency and longevity amongst other measures. 

Survey Community Ratings & Preferences

Tobacco users who wish to buy bongs this cycle don’t need to rely on their own instincts to pick out a great item. Thankfully there are social media pages, Google results and shared economy apps that are dedicated to rating and reviewing brands in this market. No one is pressured to simply buy bongs that are popular, because there are very unique tastes in this field. However, it is a good gauge for those clients who are on the fence and want to judge how a bong supplier ranks amongst their peers. 

Product Longevity 

Most tobacco smokers will have horror stories about the time that they went to buy bongs and found a brand that looked the part, only to crack or break at the first sign of trouble. For them, that is money down the drain. Much of this decision-making process will come down to the type of material that is introduced, but it also speaks about how the company manufactures the product. Take note of those bongs that seem to last the distance, especially when compared to the rest of the competition in the market. 

About the author: Judith Burke