Desktop laser cutter

Advantages of a Desktop Laser Cutter

These days technology is becoming incredibly advanced. You can 3D print things, and you can even have a real laser in your house, not just to print things either. You can get yourself a laser cutter and you don’t even need that much room in your house for it. Setting one up in your garage is super easy and cuts into all sorts of items and materials. Here are a few advantages of buying a desktop laser cutter.

Impress Your Friends

One of the coolest parts about owning a desktop laser cutter is showing off what you make to your friends. It can be really fun to create designs about your inside jokes, put those designs on wood or metal, then giving those as gifts to your friends. Overall, the best part about owning a laser cutter is showing off what you make to your friends and family, and giving them a good laugh, and having a good time with them.

Use Your Creations as a Marketing Tool

If you are a small business owner, then you can use your desktop laser cutter creations as a marketing tool. Give out small keychains, or etched pieces of wood as souvenirs for your business. Lots of people think that laser cut items are really cool, but aren’t invested enough themselves to get one for their home. Having one that you can use to put your company’s logo on things can be a great marketing ploy. Not just that, but you can offer the laser cutter as a service to your clients and make a decent amount off of using one.

Extremely Precise

small art project made with a desktop laser cutter

The biggest advantage to using a desktop laser cutter over any other kind of cutter is that they are extremely precise. No other kind of cutter that you can buy can compare to the precision of a desktop laser cutter. Sure, you might be able to find something that has better cuts, but those kinds of machines are pretty expensive, and you certainly will need more than just a garage to work with that kind of machinery. The software to run those machines can be pretty expensive as well. Overall, the best bang for your buck is getting a desktop laser cutter.

Not that Large

When you think about a piece of machinery that uses lasers and can cut through metal, your mind will likely think of a large piece of machinery. But desktop laser cutters aren’t that big and perform the same task as some incredibly large machines. Your home laser cutter probably won’t be able to cut through some really large materials or objects, but it can cut through small objects really well and within a reasonable amount of time. For the price that you are paying, and the size of the laser cutter, you are getting a fantastic deal and it is very futuristic.

Get creative

Let’s be honest, cutting things and using lasers is fun, no matter what kind of person you are. It is really futuristic to use lasers to cut through things, and even just using a desktop laser cutter for small art projects is incredibly fun and makes you look cool. Using one for work and business is fine, but you will have a lot more fun using this than you would with any other large piece of machinery.

In the end, it is up to you to decide on whether or not you need to get one. They can be incredibly fun, and a great way to show off to people, and for the price, they can fit in your house and not completely break the bank.

About the author: Judith Burke