Human Empowerment Principles

Human Empowerment Principles

To GVI, human empowerment addresses the way people work together to support each other in their own empowerment.

Our stakeholders include local communities, NGOs, government agencies, education institutes, partners, GVI participants, GVI staff, donors and fundraisers, among others.

As an organisation, GVI, facilitates stakeholders to collaboratively set and achieve objectives that promote self-empowerment.

Below are the five principles of human empowerment we apply across our operations.

01: Collaboration

Setting and achieving objectives must be done in a collaborative environment. Collaboration is between all stakeholders.

02: Equitable partnerships

All stakeholders take on the role of both learner and teacher. All stakeholders have different and diverse skills and all have a part to play in setting and meeting objectives.

03: Support

All stakeholders should support one another in an environment that fosters independence and self-empowerment.

04: Sustainability

All collaboration should work towards a sustainable outcome, ensuring that the positive impact made today continues long after the project has ended.