Where passion and purpose meet

Why GVI?

We know that you can’t be boxed in. You’ve got your own ideas and ideals, but one thing’s for sure – you want to contribute to a better future.

You love to get outdoors, but want more than just a holiday. With the climate crisis intensifying, you have a fierce drive to preserve and protect nature, but want to experience untamed adventures too.

You’re keen to build your career in nature conservation, but want to see the theory come to life by getting up close and personal with intricate ecosystems. To learn directly from scientists, experts, animals and organisms in the wild, while making lifelong friends with like-minded change-makers from all over the world.

You’re eager to have the best time of your life, and at the same time be part of something really impactful. To play your part to help our planet.

Yes, it’s a lot. But that’s the thing. With GVI, you can experience all of it.

The GVI Difference
Partner to protect our home

We know that you feel a close connection with nature – its magic, magnificence and mechanisms – and that it pains you to see it in decline. We feel the same. But there is hope. Through our nature conservation programs we create the opportunity for anyone – no matter your experience or qualifications – to contribute to impactful initiatives alongside local conservation partners.

Build your community

At GVI, you won’t be the odd one out. You will be united with your people. Becoming part of a community of like-minded change-makers who care deeply for our planet and the beautiful creatures on it. By joining a program, you will make friends with people who also want to live simple, conscious lives as close to nature as possible.

GVI is also a  proud member of the Gap Year Association.

Get conservation experience

Whether you want to become a wildlife expert, an award-winning marine biologist, or just expand your knowledge of nature conservation – GVI can help you reach your career goals. See how your textbook knowledge comes to life as you learn from scientists who study biospheres in forests, lakes, oceans, shores and savannah plains. You’ll also get access to useful resources, language learning opportunities, networking, coaching and job opportunities.

Be part of a sustainable solution

Our conservation programs are more than just good intentions. They are evidence-based and directly aligned to the UN SDGs, international reporting frameworks and community-led partner networks to ensure long term, sustainable impact. We have a team of dedicated professionals all over the world, who implement our corporate sustainability policies and practises to ensure due diligence.