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Advanced Wildlife Conservation

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Course introduction

Are you interested in accelerating your career in wildlife conservation? Or have you always wanted to gain a more in-depth understanding of wildlife conservation? Join our Advanced Wildlife Conservation program. Complete six engaging courses, gaining advanced knowledge of how to make an effective contribution to wildlife conservation efforts.

The program equips you with skills such as how to analyse a conservation-protected area and work with camera traps to monitor wildlife populations. You’ll learn about the biggest threats to wildlife biodiversity and explore real-world conservation initiatives in action, through case studies covering a range of locations.

Is this course for me?

This program is for anyone who might be interested in learning about wildlife conservation topics such as strategies to conserve endangered species and protect key habitats. It’s designed specifically for those who may want to develop their career in the wildlife conservation sector. Anyone from high school students and college graduates to established working professionals will be able to benefit from this program.

In the same way as all our programs, our online courses are absolutely ideal for those seriously considering pursuing a career in sustainable development. This might be an undergraduate student specialising in biological sciences who is thinking about a career in conservation or a mid-career professional who is thinking about pivoting to a more impact-driven field.

Our online courses apply to a wide range of causes you might like to work towards, much like our in-person programs that are all aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Want to show colleges, universities and employers that you’ve got the knowledge and skills covered in this course? Once you’ve successfully completed any of our courses, we’ll send you a digital certificate of completion at no additional cost. The certificate will feature the official name of the course and your name. Add the certificate to your college application, your graduate school application, your job application or your LinkedIn page.

This program includes our Wildlife Conservation and Conservation and Scientific Research courses. In these courses, you’ll learn about the most prevalent threats to wildlife and biodiversity, such as deforestation, invasive species and climate change. You’ll explore some of the conservation projects that have had a positive effect on wildlife populations and learn about the economic, social and scientific importance of biodiversity.

This program features the Climate Crisis and Sustainability and Impact Management courses. In the climate course, you’ll learn about the negative effects of climate change, as well as the industry terminology and key concepts in environmental sustainability. In the impact course, you’ll learn about impact measurement metrics and benchmarking techniques. You’ll learn how to track the impact being made by an organisation using impact measurement tools and technology.

The program also includes our Careers in Sustainable Development and Leading Teams for Impact courses. In the careers course, you’ll learn about different careers in sustainable development and learn how to network, write a resume, submit an application and impress during an interview. In the leadership course, you’ll find out how to set goals, give feedback, manage conflict and identify different roles of team members.

Course curriculum

Course 1:Wildlife Conservation

Orientation to our online course

Module 1: Introduction to conservation

Module 2: Biodiversity and ecosystem management

Module 3: Key threats and pressures

Module 4: Wildlife conservation in the field

Module 5: The institutional and funding landscape

Course 2:Conservation and Scientific Research

Orientation to our online learning platform

Module 1: Target Species Identification

Module 2: Survey Techniques

Module 3: Survey Logistics

Module 4: Project partner relationships

Module 5: Health and Safety Procedures

Course 3:Climate Crisis and Sustainability

Orientation to our online learning platform

Module 1: The Earth System

Module 2: Environmental Problems

Module 3: Sustainable Development and the Environment

Module 4: Approached to Environmental Sustainability

Module 5: Making Change for Our Planet’s Future

Course 4:Impact Measurement

Orientation to our online learning platform

Module 1: Introduction to Impact Measurement

Module 2: Planning for Measurement

Module 3: Implementing Your Measurement Plan

Module 4: Managing and Using Data for Impact

Module 5: Current and Future Approaches to Impact Measurement

Course 5:Careers in Sustainable Development

Orientation to our online learning platform

Module 1: Career Paths and Opportunities

Module 2: Your Values and Ways to Make an Impact

Module 3: Career Mapping and Choices

Module 4: Building Your Profile and Personal Brand

Module 5: Securing Your Dream Job

Course 6:Leading Teams for Impact

Orientation to our online learning platform