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Climate Crisis and Clean Energy

Includes courses in partnership
with the University of Richmond


Join us on the Climate Crisis and Clean Energy Virtual Internship to gain experience in projects that help to prevent the climate crisis. Gain a deeper understanding of how climate change is affecting local livelihoods, and assist with implementing clean energy solutions such as solar, wind and wave power. This will be done by working virtually with local social enterprises, NGOs and community-based organisations that make climate action and clean energy their goal.

Project work
Throughout your internship you’ll be completing one project each week that helps a local organisation solve an actual problem. Since we work with real partners, real, valuable projects will be assigned to you. This means that the types of projects you could work on will vary. We aim to match you as closely as possible with an organisation and a task that aligns with your personal career goals. See below for some of the projects you could work on during your internship.
Social media content creation for Plastic Free July

Create and post social media content for a marine plastic-focused NGO to engage their audience in the international challenge of Plastic Free July. Raise awareness, inspire action and help tackle the issue of plastic pollution.

Assess the feasibility of upgrading biofertiliser from group 2 to group 3

Evaluate the viability of registering biofertiliser as a group 3 fertiliser, expanding its inputs to include livestock feed. This shift away from fossil fuel-based fertilisers will reduce environmental impact.

Carbon and methane offsetting

Develop a method for calculating carbon and methane offsetting. Then, create an action plan to offset emissions throughout operational procedures, effectively reducing our environmental impact.

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What you get

Endorsed <br/>certificate


Endorsed <br/>certificate

Complete two online courses and earn a certificate from the University of Richmond.

A professional recommendation

A professional recommendation

Get a professional recommendation from your personal mentor that details your skills and accomplishments.

Masterclass lecture series

Masterclass lecture series

Attend an immersive masterclass lecture for each internship project, delivered by leading academics and local experts.

Real world projects

Real world projects

Complete a project that solves a problem for a real organisation and add it to your resume.

Personal mentorship

Personal mentorship

Receive support from your dedicated internship supervisor during weekly one-on-ones, and career coaching sessions from an external expert.

New, verifiable skills

New, verifiable skills

Learn new skills, relevant to an impact-focused profession, and apply them to real scenarios.

Up to
GBP 545
Get a GBP 545 grant towards
an in-country internship

Book and pay for your virtual internship program, and receive a GBP 545 grant towards an internship in any of our locations around the world.


A typical week
Career path insight

Engage with academics, professionals and other interns by attending lectures and live chats where key topics and trends in your field of interest will be discussed.

10 hours
Local immersion

Gain insight into culture through a range of interactions with community members. Learn about cultural or environmental topics by attending sessions led by local experts.

4 hours
Project work

Solve a problem or challenge for a real organisation by learning about their challenges, carrying out research, finding a solution and proposing an implementation plan.

22 hours
Career development

Speak to someone with your dream job and find out how they got there. Attend career development workshops. Receive career coaching and ongoing support from your mentor.

4 hours
2 online courses included

2 weeks before starting your virtual internship, you’ll work on our foundations in sustainable development program. This includes two online courses offered in partnership with the University of Richmond.

Course 1

Careers in sustainable development

Course 2

Specialisation course relevant to your VI subject area. Either wildlife conservation, marine conservation or climate crisis & sustainability

Optional extra specialisation courses*


Masterclass series

Attend an immersive series of lectures delivered by leading academics, professionals and local experts.

Advocate for plastic-free oceans | Elite endurance athlete
By Sarah Ferguson

Founder, Breathe Conservation | World Record Holder

Disaster response & plastic waste reduction
By Rory Dickens

Founder, Recycle Rebuild

Career journey and social enterprises
By Emile Fourie

Co-founder, Ywaste