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Group Travel

We offer tailor-made, educational and award-winning group volunteer programs for high school, university and corporate groups across the globe.

All the work undertaken on our group volunteer programs directly benefits the local community or environment, and each of our programs’ long, mid and short-term objectives are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

While we aim to facilitate sustainable, long-term change on each of our programs, we also aim to increase the personal growth and interpersonal skills of each individual involved, whilst providing full cultural immersion.

These programs are also ideal for groups looking to complete certain international curricula such as the CAS elements of the IB Diploma or Middle Years program, ‘Week Without Walls’, or the Round Square Ideals.

Not travelling as a group? Check out our programs for individuals aged 18 and above, or under 18 volunteering.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to incorporate classroom-based learning, theories and research into real-life services on the ground, including a comprehensive pre and post-curriculum, please consider our service learning programs for groups.


At GVI, our programmes are designed to fully immerse and challenge your students in contrasting environments. They offer fantastic variety and unique experiences; so whether you want your students to enjoy a social, cultural or physical challenge or earn a qualification, we have you covered.

CAS Curriculum

In alignment with the CAS curriculum, GVI’s school group programs are transformative experiences that cultivate essential skills like compassion, resilience and leadership. Join us in shaping global citizens who are equipped to make a difference in the world!

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Our high school group programs offer the chance for students to apply for this game-changing award – an achievement that not only shows a dedication to personal growth but also opens doors to university admissions and career prospects.

STEM Curriculum

Our high school group programs are an excellent way for students to apply their STEM knowledge through conducting scientific surveys, collecting valuable data, and actively contributing to real-life conservation initiatives.