Become an ambassador

Join the GVI Ambassador Program

Do you want to help create meaningful change whilst back home, earn work experience to add to your CV, stay engaged with GVI, and/or earn credits to offset the cost of your next program? Join the GVI ambassador program!

Your main role will be to tell anyone interested in GVI more about your experience. This might include online activities like reviewing your project on our partner websites, submitting a video testimonial or blog, or posting about our promotions on your social media. It can also include in-person activities like visiting local high schools, colleges, universities or travel stores and meeting up with prospective participants to tell them about your experience.

The GVI ambassador program is a great way to stay involved with GVI on a part-time basis back home. If you’re dreaming about working for GVI, the ambassador program is also a great way to learn about how we work, network with other GVI alum and staff, and figure out if this is the place for you. Remember, you can also add your ambassador work to your CV.


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Charlie English

Tom Mower